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After the Adventure...

...Photos from our clients

Client Testimonials

Andrea L.

"Lyndsey and team are the best--beyond 5 stars. Off leash, hanging with the dog pack, playing outside. How can life get any better than this?? I’m smiling ear to ear, and Rico? Rico’s sleeping & gearing up for his next adventure."

Casi G.

“We love having Kamryn stay with Bing! He takes such good care of our pup. Bing is always a happy and sleepy pup when we return, and he makes the bed even nicer than we do!”                                      

Lee S.


“I wish I was my dog.  What beautiful pictures!  No wonder Mr. Man is a sleepy mess tonight!  Thank you!”                                      

Diana W.

"How did we exist without you before???"

Laurie O.

"Shadow seems so much happier now that he's getting the exercise he needs!  We are all much happier and grateful we found your service!  Also you are a great businesswoman...the photos/videos alone tell that story!  Thank you, we’d be lost without Boulder Doggie Adventures!”                      

Amanda C.

"The pics posted on FB are one of my favorite things that BDA does.  I love coming home from work to look at them, and see all the fun things that my dogs did during the day.  And I also love that they are on adventures with other dogs, it's been really good socialization for Gurdy, especially.  I'm so happy we found you!!!"

Wendy S.

“I went away for the week and left my chocolate lab, Rio, home with my husband who doesn’t exercise him, so it was just so great to know that load was taken care of while I was gone.  It looks like he had so much fun during the week.  I just loved looking at the fun pictures while I was away.  I think you’ve got a wonderful business and I look forward to using your service again.”       

Kate B.

"Jenn is absolutely fantastic and I love it when she stays at my house for overnight pet sitting.  She always goes above and beyond to care for my cats.  My house always feels calm and tidy when I return after she has been there. "

Robert M.

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of Annie.  She absolutely loves her adventures and we know it's been great for her - gets her out, gets her comfortable in different environments with different dogs, and it's taught her to be off leash and to act like a smart dog.”

Virginia P.

"BDA has done so much for my Dorothy and has been constantly flexible and understanding with my schedule. I always get fast responses to my questions, and Dorothy is so happy.  We've been with BDA for years and hope to never leave! The entire team goes entirely above and beyond!"

Vanya A.

"BDA pet sitter Katie stayed overnight with my dog, Rocky.  I love the updates and pictures she sent daily, and she was also quick to respond if I texted her about something."

Michael C.

I cannot say enough great things about Boulder Doggie Adventures.  We have been clients for a year now and our chocolate lab BOLTS to the door when the BDA girls come to the house.  His happiness is proof positive that the he is about to have a blast!  Between the car ride and the adventure, he is out of the house for a long time and pretty mellow / exhausted for the rest of the day.  BDA has even adopted cool technology whereby they scan a tag in your house upon pickup and drop off so you know exactly what is going on with your pup .... and you can schedule (and remember what you've scheduled) via the web.  Most importantly though, it is clear that the Boulder Doggie Adventures folks just love dogs ... and that love is then reciprocated by the pups.  I am so happy we found these folks and are clients!  (Oh and the daily email summaries and photos - provide a great visual of the fun that was had and whatever misbehaving my dog happened to get into that day)”


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